How to Apply
To be eligible for the scholarship award, a student must meet the following criteria:
  • Be a registered, undergraduate degree-seeking student at the University of Maryland, College Park during the semester for which the award is made.
  • Have completed at least 36 credits and be enrolled at the University at the time of application, in addition to the time of financial award.
  • Be a student in good standing with a minimum GPA of 2.5 and no disciplinary record.
  • Have personal or family circumstances that have caused or contributed to a financial burden that may be remedied in whole or in part by the scholarship award.
  • Have at least one semester of study left at the University before receiving a degree.
  • Be able to apply the full amount of the award to tuition, living expenses or textbooks in the semester/academic year for which the scholarship is awarded and as can be disbursed by the Office of Student Financial Aid.

For more information, please contact Brian Watkins, 301-314-8428 or

The University of Maryland
Division of Student Affairs ▪ Office of Development and External Relations
8400 Baltimore Avenue, Suite 200 ▪ College Park, MD 20740 ▪ (301) 314-4900