The UMD Student Crisis Fund provides immediate assistance to any student who faces an unanticipated emergency financial need. With the continued COVID-19 pandemic, Maryland students have been hard hit by the campus disruptions and need help to continue their education. The best option to quickly respond to students in need of financial assistance right now is the UMD Student Crisis Fund.

Established in 2001, the UMD Student Crisis Fund has been a critical resource for students during their time of need. Thanks to on-going community support, the UMD Student Crisis Fund continues to...

Help provide students with temporary housing in an emergency.
Help replace books and school supplies after a devastating fire.
Help support students facing a medical emergency.

Click here to learn more about the UMD Student Crisis Fund and hear stories from the students who received support.

A special thanks to Scholarship America for its continued support to advance the UMD Student Crisis Fund
Help overcome challenges as a community.
Through community support, you can help make a resounding impact on campus.

Click here to make a gift to the UMD Student Crisis Fund. Click here to print a gift form and make a gift to the UMD Student Crisis Fund
Student Crisis Fund assistance is only provided to cases in which a student has no alternative source of funds. Any currently enrolled student may apply; repayment of the financial assistance is not required. Requests for money to repay personal loans, educational travel, tuition payments or to pay for fines or credit cards are not considered "unanticipated emergencies."
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