About the Fund.
The UMD Student Crisis Fund helps our students discover the very essence of community - not only to spur one another on during ordinary times, but to lift up their fellow struggling student during extraordinary times of crisis.
About the UMD Student Crisis Fund

The Division of Student Affairs established the UMD Student Crisis Fund in 2001 to keep students on the path to academic success during a personal and unexpected crisis. The Fund helps any currently enrolled student who faces an unanticipated emergency that requires immediate financial need.

Since its creation, the Student Crisis Fund and has replaced textbooks and clothes lost in an off-campus fire, helped a student who was unable to pay for a medical prescription, and even helped pay medical expenses for another student's emergency surgery.

Today, the Fund is a source for financial support for our own UMD student community. Any student, a member of the University community, or any person concerned about a student can apply for support. Funding is provided by private donations - students who receive money will not be required to repay it, but will hopefully make a donation in the future when they are financially stable.

The UMD Student Crisis Fund enables students experiencing trauma to look to the University of Maryland community for comfort and a helping hand. Keep a friend's, or your own student life on track.

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